Saved Thru 3ABN
Saved Thru 3ABN
Saved Thru 3ABN
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“Early last year a sister in our church asked me if I would like a 3ABN satellite dish, and I told her ‘yes.’ Six months later she asked me again, and I said ‘yes’ again, but that I had no way of picking it up. She said she would ask her husband and another church member to deliver it and hook it up. In June of last year I found out that I had cancer, and went through surgery and chemotherapy. When they found this out, these two Christian brothers came and hooked up the dish. The couple that gave me the dish also had all the other equipment, and pay the monthly fee. God knew ahead of time just when and what I needed. I’m 70 years young and always considered myself healthy and full of energy. My part-time job is on hold until I’m fully recovered. I’m sending a dollar for every year 3ABN has been in operation. I will try to send some amount each month. Through watching 3ABN God helped me to see my need to not neglect personal Bible study and prayer, and I can still get the added blessings from 3ABN. I’ve had my life changed by 3ABN. Many times I’ve heard Danny say that God has many resources, especially in hard times. I’ve found that it’s true, and we can know He stays with us as our constant friend and Savior.”
Port Macquarie N.S.
“I recently to connected 3ABN television and have grown to daily seek the truth and cannot help but notice the contrast between Sabbath and non Sabbath keeping people l am now watching a man covered in tattoos and I agree 100% with him in regards to can't get enough of the truth thank you 3ABN for the truth the world will see.”
“In Mexico, my wife had been watching 3ABN at a government-owned clinic. She was working at trying to finish the last part of her social service so that she could become a doctor. Even though the cable was illegally hooked up, and she was watching stolen 3ABN at the clinic, we have all been blessed because of her exposure to the programming. (My wife wants me to make it clear that she had nothing to do with the acquisition of the stolen cable programming!) Also, the humble church that she attended there was frequented by people who watched 3ABN. Because of hardship, she had to come back to the United States with me, when my brother’s girlfriend died on a vacation trip. His girlfriend had been watching Amazing Facts before she died, and as a result she wanted to become part of the faith. Your ministry has helped us during the last four months as we have watched it online because we do not have cable or satellite reception at our apartment. The only thing my brother has wanted to watch during his stay with us has been 3ABN. It has been one of the avenues that the Lord has used to help him. Your programs have helped us very much and we believe that it is doing miracles for many around the world. We are amazed at what 3ABN is doing, and we want to help you reach more people around the world. Please use these funds where you need them most.”
“I just wanted to tell you how much 3ABN has meant to me. It’s been a blessing in my life. I left the church many years ago. One day I decided to see if I could get 3ABN on my computer, and I did! It was the beginning of my journey back to Jesus. Thank you so much for being there. I know the Lord will have a special blessing for you in heaven.”
“We enjoy 3ABN so much and buying a satellite dish was the best thing we ever did. When we can’t go to church, we can still be in church here at home with 3ABN. My husband is 87, in a wheel chair, and I’m 83, but we’re doing well with the Lord’s help. We enjoyed camp meeting – the only thing wrong with it was that it didn’t last long enough!”
“I’m so excited that I’ve just completed all of the Bible Study Lessons from Kids Time. I am enjoying learning more about Jesus and the stories of the Bible._._._. When I grow up I am going to become a pediatrician and preach to sick children that there is a medicine stronger than any medicine in the world — and that medicine is Jesus and the Bible. I can’t wait to get the Kids Time Bible. It’s going to be so much fun reading it.”
“It gives me great pleasure to be able to extend my greetings to you. We have tuned in the 3ABN Latino channel through the cable signal, and it has been a blessing, since through your programs we have been able to clarify many doubts we had concerning the Word of God. We feel that He made us tune into this channel. May God continue to bless you so that you can continue to transmit to us the Word of God, faithful and true.”
that. We actually already started by taping 3ABN programmes and giving them out to people. Will you please pray for our group here in Athy? Since we are quite far away from Dublin, we decided to have our own church group coming together to have Sabbath School. We don’t have any finances, but the Lord is so good to us, and has blessed us in many ways. God bless you for what you are doing, and we are all looking forward to going home to heaven.”
“I want to thank you so very much for your programs. It has been such a blessing finding you. I am a fairly new Christian. I stay right now with my sister and brother-in-law. They h
“I always watch your program with pleasure. The world is full of grudge and violence. People are fierce and theft, drunkenness, and drug addiction are everywhere, and your programs are really essential. I give special attention to programs telling about healthy cooking, cultivating fruits and vegetables in our gardens, and how to gather richer harvests. Thank you very much!”
“Although I have been attending a Seventh-day Adventist church for over 10 years, I was baptized just a few months ago. Last March my friend and I decided to meet once a week to study the Bible. Within days I was on fire, it had to be from the Holy Spirit. I was searching the Internet mainly looking for sermons. I quickly discovered 3ABN, the Voice of Prophecy, and Amazing Facts. I realized that I have been ignoring the Holy Spirit for a long time. On August 20, 2005, I accompanied my wife and kids to church. I excused myself for a second, and the next thing my wife knew, I was in front of the church in the baptismal tank about to be baptized! My wife knew nothing about my plans, and all who were involved in preparation for my baptism kept a good secret…. Thank you.”
“We are Indians staying in Kuwait. We are watching the ’05 Revive meetings, not live, because it’s 4:00 a.m. here when it’s 7:00 p.m. for you there. But we record these programs or watch the re-broadcast ones later on that day through 3ABN Television. We are so blessed to have 3ABN TV here. In fact, our lives have changed because of Jesus through 3ABN TV. If I were the same as two years before, you wouldn’t have gotten this letter, because I was not in Christ. I sincerely thank God for giving us another chance to come close to Him. I sincerely thank Amazing Facts and 3ABN for organizing such blessed meetings._._._. When I get to heaven there are so many people I will have to thank. And one of them will be your ministry. God bless your ministry, and we are praying for it.”
“I just wanted to share how much your Camp Meeting touched my life. We are members of non-denominational churches who are seeking the real truth about what the Bible really says. I want you to know that your ministry and programming are touching the lives of many people who are from other churches. Thank you again so much, and God bless.”
“Greetings to all at 3ABN. We live in Esteli, Nicaragua, and praise the Lord, our local cable company put on your precious channel because of the numerous letters it received from our church members. There are 150,000 people who can now watch 3ABN Latino, and many of them have accepted Bible studies after watching your programs. We know that 3ABN Latino can also be seen in at least one other city in our country. We wish you happiness and God’s blessings!”
“Just a note to say ‘Thank You’ for bringing the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ into my prison cell every day. The messages, testimonies, and music are always a blessing, and you are making a difference in people’s lives all over the world. May the Lord bless and keep you now and forevermore in His almighty arms.”
“I am a regular viewer of 3ABN’s online broadcast, and although I am a Catholic I must confess that you are doing a great job, spreading the good news contained in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I earnestly ask you to pray for me and my family, that Jesus will change our lives and instill in us His Holy Spirit, to guide us to live a holy life. Here in China we mostly depend on Internet broadcasts for worship.”
“If you only knew just how much I’ve been blessed by just listening to this particular programme — it is now 3:17 a.m. and I’m doing some baking and listening and watching. I watch 3ABN on a daily basis and just enjoy so much the various meetings and other interesting programmes that are available. I also participate in the Body & Spirit exercise programme from time to time. I am originally a member of the Methodist Church in Bermuda, but now reside in Barbados, but I do believe that as believers and born again Christians we are all God’s children, and in the Body of Christ we should be worshipping the same God. So if I am being blessed by a sermon that is being delivered by a pastor of another belief, I see no harm in that. Thanks for your interest and God’s blessings on your ministry.”
“My 3ABN satellite dish installation is a miracle, as my husband would not hear of it nine months ago. But now, not only has he allowed it to be installed, but he also paid for it! I found him one evening falling asleep with the 3ABN channel on! That may not sound too exciting for you, but for me it is a big step forward. He actually switched from other Christian and ethnic programmes to yours! I am praying that God will do the ‘impossible’ in my own home. May the Lord richly bless you and protect you from the enemy as you go on in faith, proclaiming His truth for this time.”
“I’ve been studying during my 4.5 years in prison, and I am convinced of the truth. I am going home in February, but my family has severed ties with me since I told them of my new life in Christ… I’m anxious to go to services on the Sabbath and take the message out to others. Pray for me as I witness to those held captive.”
“We just want you all to know how truly blessed we are as we continue to enjoy your programmes daily. Friends who visit our home and have seen the broadcast have had their own dish installed. We pray daily for the work and all who are involved in taking the three angels’ message [of Revelation 14] to the world.”
“I am thoroughly enjoying 3ABN and I am sure God is using you and the 3ABN programs to reach the remote corners of the earth, and that He will soon put an end to all the problems and tragedies. I am elderly, arthritic, and unable to do much, but I can still give some money to help with this work. I make quite a few videos to send to King Island, where there are only four elderly Seventh-day Adventists who do not have a pastor, and they are enjoying the videos! I pray daily for 3ABN and all the lovely people who put on the programs.”
“I want to thank you with all my heart for broadcasting this message. I started watching you when I was about to lose my home and family (I’m still not sure about the home), and you got my husband and son watching on Sabbath! Suddenly it all feels better, no matter what. I am also hoping for their baptism.”
“I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, unemployed, on the verge of being homeless, hurting badly, and in need of help. I called the 3ABN Prayer Line, and I was given a message to begin the healing. I was also given Biblical guidance and prayer. Since then I have not used drugs, nor had the desire to. This is a miracle! I’m now employed full time. My prayer partner said that in all things we are given choice, and today I choose to live!”
“I am a carry-out stock boy at my local supermarket. I don’t have a car, and I walk to work every day. I was going to send you $25 when the Holy Spirit told me to double it. I said, ‘I can’t afford to!’ But I told the Lord to give me a sign before the Post Office closed. When I got home, there was a notice that a book club owed me a refund of $34.67. I also remembered that I loaned someone $73. So the Lord has already more than doubled back to me what I’m sending to you!”
“The old adage, ‘Hit him on the head and knock some sense into him,’ has more meaning than just the traditional reference of walking in the right direction. It all started one morning shortly after I got to work. The boss wanted a roof shingled. I got the ladder and the rest of the stuff, climbed up the ladder, and the next thing I knew — two weeks later — was that I was in the hospital! I had fallen off the ladder, hit my head, and was unconscious the whole time. When I finally got home I felt so lost, until my wife — who is a Seventh-day Adventist — turned on the TV to a station I’d never heard of before, and told me to watch it for a while. It was your 3ABN station. Every day I spent all of the time I could watching and liking every bit of it! One day my wife invited me to go to church with her. I went with her the next Saturday. Boy was I glad! I could hardly wait until the next Saturday to go again! They made me feel like I belonged. As soon as I got home, I would turn on the TV and watch 3ABN. I joined the church, was baptized, and shortly after that became a deacon! I am so glad I got hit on the head and came to my senses, so to speak. I thank 3ABN for bringing my life to this point, and I am happily waiting for Jesus to come!”
“I listen to 3ABN Radio here on WMAL-LP 99.7 FM. I was baptized in October 2004 as a Seventh-day Adventist. I owe my new-found peace and happiness to 3ABN. I’m in prison, and I thank our Father for the disciplinary action He has taken for my sake. I know He has something for me to do in the future. I’m truly led by the Holy Spirit to learn and study the book of Revelation. I read my Bible daily, and I won’t put it down again, since neglecting it was the main cause of my backsliding.”
“I came upon 3ABN’s channel 61 here in Omaha when the credits were rolling. I saw ‘Supreme Provider — Jesus Christ’ and thought, ‘Wow! What is this?’ I had this old TV set up for a web connection, but now I only watch 3ABN. I was starving! I’ve yet to be satisfied, but the soul food is abundant, rich, and divine. I’ve received peace and have gotten very personal with the One and only Lord!”
“A member of our church, who is seldom able to get to worship because of ill health, finds that 3ABN has been such a blessing to him.
“I’m a Filipino working here in Jordan. I’ve been watching 3ABN for more than two years now. I’m becoming a Seventh-day Adventist by watching 3ABN. I’m waiting to be baptized because I don’t know if there are any Seventh-day Adventist churches here in Jordan.”
“3ABN has totally changed my life and the lives of my children. We feast on all the programs via the Internet, and we are totally enjoying our walk with God. I was rebaptized in November of 2005, and my niece and daughter joined me to signify our decision to follow Jesus all the way!”
“All your programs are just awesome. I record many of them on VHS tapes to share with our three sons. Our youngest, age 52, came and listened to Doug Batchelor’s ’05 Revive. He had been a member of another church, but after hearing Pastor Doug’s message, he made his decision to be rebaptized in the river as a Seventh-day Adventist. Just recently he became interested in our health message. Two years ago he had a heart attack and was found dead, but God brought him back to life. The doctors say it was a miracle. Praise the Lord!”
“I would like to thank 3ABN for the incredible sermons and powerful messages that are emanating from your station. Truly the Lord has sent His three angels and the Holy Spirit to help push these last messages throughout the earth…. Pray that this work may reach Scotland also.”
“With all of the different teachings about the Bible, I was beginning to wonder which teaching was the truth. I began to get answers from watching 3ABN. Then I saw a program on the true Sabbath, and I pondered how important it was to honor God’s true day of worship. One day, when I was praying to Jesus about what I should do, He said to me, ‘It would break my heart if you didn’t honor my true Sabbath.’ Well, the rest is history because within that year I joined the Seventh-day Adventist church. I learn so much from 3ABN.”
“May God continue to bless your ministry to the wider world, reaching us all the way here on this 8-square-mile little island of St. Eustatius. We are but a small population of about 3,400 people, but the Seventh-day Adventist church is the largest denomination on the island. Ever since 3ABN came to our island via our local cable TV network, your ministry has been quite a blessing for the general membership. The wider community of St. Eustatius who watch your programs come to a better understanding of God’s plan for His children, are blessed, and so enhance their relationship with their Saviour, Jesus Christ.”
“I just wanted to say how much my family appreciates all that you do for the work of Jesus. My husband and I are not Seventh-day Adventists, but have tried to keep God’s Sabbath for about 40 years. Such a blessing! Thank you so much for your work and your love. We’ve enjoyed your network so much!”
“We have been watching your programmes for the past 12 months and have found them all to be fantastic. It is commendable that you don’t take all the credit for such great material, but constantly give God all the glory. It’s one of the main differences we’ve noticed compared with other religious stations and programmes.”
“I just want to say that I am inspired by your ministry and all that you are doing across the world. It was by accident that I came across 3ABN while flipping through my cable channels, and since that time I have watched nothing else. I am a Christian and was baptized in 1985 into the Church of Christ. I am happy with this channel and watch your programmes from nightfall until bedtime. I have enclosed a little gift and ask that God will continue to bless your ministry.”
“I read your book, Mending Broken People, and was so impressed that I wanted to have a part in your ministry. My husband passed away two years ago. He was an accomplished musician and played a guitar which he purchased in 1964. A friend sold it for me, and because I’m faithful to my church in returning tithe, I am sending you a check for $100 as a second tithe. Please use it where it is most needed. I’ve pledged $25 a month for one year to your ministry. The other day I was notified that my income had been increased more than the amount of my pledge!”
“Thank you for helping me understand God’s Word. I gave my life to the Lord Jesus when I first came to prison. This is definitely a wakeup call to me. I wish I had given my life to the Lord when I was free, but now, even though I’m locked up in prison, I can honestly say I’ve never felt as free as I do now! I went to the chapel the other night and saw a little booklet called Does God Love Sinners Forever? You cannot believe how much this little booklet has taught me! I mean, it really opened my eyes! So every time I go to church I look for another one of your helpful booklets.”
“We enjoy all the 3ABN programs that we see. One of my friends says she would be so lonesome without 3ABN. She has been a widow for the last seven years, and it keeps her from having many lonely hours. A relative and his wife and two daughters became Seventh-day Adventists from listening to your programs. Now they tape programs and send them to her sister who lives in the Philippines.”
“I have recently become a Seventh-day Adventist and I have been watching 3ABN. I really enjoy it and have learned so much by watching. You see, I am in prison, doing two life sentences. All I live for is for Christ, and I really love learning more about Him every day. I know that one day my wife and I will be set free from prison, and I know that we are both ready for that great day when Jesus comes back to take us home with Him forever.”
“I was born a Catholic, studied in Catholic schools, and was reared by my grandparents, who were active in our local Catholic church. I was not a stranger to ‘things holy,’ so to speak. I lived a normal teenage life, with normal teenage problems… but being the eldest in a brood of six, the problems grew harder and heavier to bear. Then came the year 2004 when I was hit by more emotional problems! It was as if all the forces on earth decided to dish it all out in one go! Then I found 3ABN. I was depressed and bored one afternoon. At first I was just staring at it, not really understanding a word. But as I tuned in every afternoon after work, I grew to appreciate it and absorb the messages. At the time my sister had no chance; I held onto the remote control as if it was my most prized possession. But she watched with me, and then, in turn, she relayed everything to her boyfriend. Soon we started asking what religion taught these truths. We found they were Seventh-day Adventists. Then I thought we didn’t have that religion here, but God really loves us and we discovered one of many churches located in our neighboring village! My sister, her boyfriend, and I were all baptized in April 2005. God helped me to witness to my coworkers, and I was able to bring one to church. Now she is baptized, too! I hope and pray that 3ABN will continue blessing more people around the globe, just as you reached me here._._._!”
“I get 3ABN on my old-fashioned UHF TV antenna. I’m a Sabbath-keeper and a member of a Messianic church. I’m very interested in your prophecy programs. I’m only interested in Jesus Christ and His soon return. This is very important to me. Hope to see more of your 3ABN prophecy teachers. I’m in love with prophecy teaching.”
“We get your station on channel 27 here, and I keep my TV on it 24/7._._._. I watch every show and I re-watch shows over and over again. I go to bed with 3ABN on. Please don’t laugh, but I feel safer when I know that all of you are on my TV. 3ABN is my family and I have learned so much by watching all of you._._._. I believe what you say, because I can follow along in my Bible. You don’t get up and yell and scream and jump around. You don’t need to repeat yourselves over and over. I’m a 46-year-old man who has done very little right in my life. I went to church until I was 14 or 15, and then I stopped going. I thought I had better things to do._._._. Many things went wrong in my life. I’m sure you’ve figured that out since I’m writing you from prison. I truly hate all that I have done, and that’s why I’m so eager to learn all I can about my Creator and my precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want you to know that I believe and feel that I am a Seventh-day Adventist. Please pray for me. I’m going through a difficult time. Thank you for listening._._._. God bless you and may He be with us always.”
“I want to thank you for your wonderful program. 3ABN has changed my life and my home. Although I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist, I drifted away from the Lord. My sister told me about 3ABN on the Internet—and ever since that day I have watched. It has changed my marriage and my life forever. No therapy could mend my home as your ministry has.”
“Your station changed my life—spiritually and physically. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I watched 3ABN daily and discovered a new approach to healthful living. It saved my life physically. I walk five miles a day and have a new spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. My cholesterol dropped to normal, my blood pressure and sugar are within normal limits, I’ve reduced my diabetic medicines by half, and I’ve lost 75 pounds. Thank you, 3ABN!”
“How do you do, dear Face to Face program staff! I live in Spain near Barcelona, and many Russian-speaking people live here. They need God’s Word. I’d like missionaries to arrive here, because there’s much harvest in our place. I want to ask you to pray for us, living in Spain. Let it be awakening here and the church will be formed. The people will turn their hearts to God and will be saved.”
“We really appreciate the ministry your programming has for my wife and me. Since my wife is a shut-in due to medical reasons, we are unable to get to church on Sabbath. So you are our Sabbath School and church, and we keep you on all night. In addition, I have never been so inspired to begin witnessing to my friends and neighbors as I have since watching your programs.”
“I am a believer in Jesus Christ, but not a Seventh-day Adventist. I enjoy your music, and this contribution is to say, ‘Thank you,’ and to encourage your ministry._._._. Goodwill from another part of the body of Christ.”
“I’ve come to know Jesus and His saving grace through 3ABN and all of your pastors and speakers. I am now a Seventh-day Adventist!”
“I like your books very much. I have never read books like these before. These books have turned my life all around. I won’t enumerate what happened in my life before, but to be brief, I’ll say: I didn’t want to live, and I was worried by different, odd, foolish fears. I didn’t know what to do and where to find help. But now I know that only God has helped me. I pray every day—whether I am fine or bad. I thank God for everything that happens to me. And many good changes happened: I got a wage raise, and my relationship with my husband improved. I’ve brought up my children and now I have beautiful and healthy grandchildren. Many thanks for you all!”
“We aren’t Seventh-day Adventists—yet, but we do believe in the Fourth Commandment as it is written in the Bible. We have been receiving 3ABN for several months. Please pray that the Lord will give us faith, strength, and the desire to change.”

I’m blessed to be a part of the 3abn prayer warrior team. As I pray for others, it helps my own spiritual growth.
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Saved Thru 3ABN
Saved Thru 3ABN